Soldering 1 Day Course May 9, 2024

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Our Soldering Day Course is packed with information on how to get started with soldering in instrument repair!

In this highly specialized 1 Day course, you will be taken through various types of soldering techniques related to instrument repair. We will cover soft soldering, hard soldering/brazing, pros and cons to different types of solder, clean up and much, much more. This Master Class style course will dive deep into many aspects of soldering including:

*Hard solder vs soft solder
*Essential equipment: Torches, solders, flux, etc.
*Work piece holding
*Prep and Clean up tools

Clinic dates and registration:

Dates: May 9th, 2024

Hours: 9am to 5pm EST with an hour or so break for lunch

All course lectures and materials will be streamed via Zoom. Instructional portions of the class will also be recorded so students can view them for 30 days after the course. This course is worth 0.7 CEU's. Seating may be limited so please register early!

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