MusicMedic Parallel Duckbill Pliers - Medium

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If you only have one set of parallel pliers on your bench, this is the set to have.

Make room on your bench for what is sure to be your new favorite set of pliers: MusicMedic Parallel Duck Bill Pliers are Knipex pliers modified at MusicMedic to offer the absolute best in quality and design. The body and jaws of the pliers are all of the goodness you expect from Knipex with the thoughtfulness you know MusicMedic will deliver. The parallel jaws are milled to allow them into tight places that regular Knipex pliers can't go, without sacrificing strength. They grip hard and mar less, with a precision and feel that you must try to believe.  Now make room in a drawer for all of your other duckbill pliers, because this is all you’re ever going to want to use again.

These pliers are what we would consider "B" stock. The finishing surface on the outside of the plier work area has a finish that isn't up to MusicMedic high standards but the pliers are still 100% functional. The gripping surface is still exactly what it should be and there is nothing else different about the plier. This is a Curt's Clearance item and the item in the picture is the item that will be received. All sales are final for items in Curt's Clearance.