Buescher TrueCrat Tenor-92

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Our TrueCrat is truly a unique Buescher Tenor Uberhaul from the Sax ProShop!
We took a True Tone Body and re-engineered the left and right hand tables, as well as both pinky clusters to make this the most ergonomically satisfying Buescher tenor available. 


This tenor is a unique hybrid from the minds of the Sax ProShop.  We love Buescher True Tones for their sweet and rich tone, but the limitations of the keywork are many: awkward palm keys, wide stack key pearl spacing, and Left Hand Table with a downward Low Bb and a non-tabbed G#, and hard to reach side keys make it almost feel too old to use.  By the time the Buescher Aristocrat models arrived, most of the keywork issues were solved.  So we decided to give this True Tone major keywork improvements to arrive at the model “True-Crat”. 
Simply bending some keys around wouldn’t really make it more playable, so we rebuilt key arms and rebuilt the Left Hand Table with a tabbed G# to Low C# connection and an extended Low Bb touchpiece for a truly exceptional feel.  We also extended the Low C and Eb touchpieces up toward the bottom stack for easier reach, reoriented the bottom stack pearls, modified the palm keys and side keys, installed sliders on the F# with adjustment screws for the Bis Bb connection and the G# connection, added side key contacts, added a Front F key, and an adjustable thumb rest.  The rollers were machined from brass to have an ergonomic shape and new pearls complete the feel.  The neck received a four slotted collet style receiver which retains its seal much better than a single slotted neck because it divides the crushing area between four slots.  
Now that we have the mechanical function of this instrument working brilliantly, we wanted to obtain a beautiful, unique look.  We decided to engrave this instrument with an historical style of straight cuts, traditionally used by gun and knife engravers.  Since we modified this instrument so heavily, we felt it was only right to also include The Wilmington logo as well. The tenor has bright highlights and a satin silver finish with a gold wash bell for a striking appearance. The Black RooPad Extremes with domed resonators compliment the look of the horn while providing bed rock consistency for the player.  
This Buescher “True-Crat" is a unique and beautiful tenor that plays easily with a sweet tone, great response, and even intonation.  It is lightning fast and feels comfortable in your hands.  This is the best of both worlds: tone and mechanical excellence! 

All of our saxophones come with Pad Magic, Ultimax Key Oil, a MusicMedic.com Microfiber Cloth, a MusicMedic.com Swab, and plated horns come with Tarnishield Strips. No mouthpiece included. Comes with a Protec case. 

All Uberhauled saxophones are eligible for a C.O.A. (Clean Oil and Adjust), which is our yearly service plan that restores instruments to a freshly Uberhauled state and is also a great time to make further personal adjustments or modifications. Shipping in the lower 48 states is free, but international shipping is also available. We have worked with the postal service to develop the safest possible shipping method so your new saxophone will arrive in excellent condition. Customers are also welcome to travel to the Sax ProShop in Wilmington, NC to pick up your new saxophone: take this opportunity to playtest your new horn and work briefly with a specialized technician to make some final minor adjustments.