10 Day MusicMedic ProShop Immersion Program

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The Sax ProShop technicians are happy to invite you to come to the shop, sit at our benches, and learn each aspect of the repair from technicians that do that job every day.

Learn to Uberhaul your horn with the crew of the Sax ProShop. Work closely with the specialists in our shop, spending ten days going through each station from quoting, body work, to key fitting and tone holes, to finally dry fitting, padding and tuning. This course is intense, and will require participants to work in a fast-paced environment, but will allow most techs to leave with a horn that they have personally Uberhauled under the direct supervision of the sax ProShop specialists. Each course will be customized for the repair tech and based around the saxophone provided by the repair tech for the course. Prices below are for alto and tenor other instrument may take longer and cost more. 

We will ask you to tell us about your repair experience or have you send a resume if you have one. This will help us design your course.

* Other saxophone types may require additional time and an increased course fee based on amount of repair work required. ProShop will assist in the horn shipping and packing

The Sax ProShop is located on the east coast of North Carolina, in beautiful Wilmington. Wilmington sits on the Cape Fear River, and is minutes from multiple beautiful beaches.

Check out the ProShop Website for all the details, photos and the experiences of past participants.