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Saxgourmet Neck
When we first learned that famed saxophone designer Steve Goodson was designing a neck for Tenor saxophone we couldn't wait to try it out. When he released his new design we bought one right away and tested it in our shop. This neck was designed for use on many instrument brands and we tested this with four (4) Mark VI tenors we had in the shop. We found the sound to be full and rich in all registers, with better intonation throughout the range of the instruments. Low tones were not as sharp and the high register was powerful but easy to control. There was no problem playing perfectly in tune in the palm keys. The added mass of the neck improved the instruments tone. It was easy to get a real powerful sound when desired, and easy to get a sweet balanced tone when playing softly. Having the neck enhancer as part of the neck offers the regular benefits without adding the complication of fishing it out of the mouthpiece when cleaning.

There are several features of this neck that are well described on the Saxgourmet site:

These necks are hand hammered and hand burnished. They are not hydro-formed! The engraving is elaborate and hand cut. The design of this neck incorporates a unique taper. Blowing resistance is minimal, and the scale is extremely even. A Saxgourmet Neck Enhancer is built into each one. The octave key is under slung for quicker action and a more precise pad seal. The pip has a unique taper which facilitates quick response between octaves. By adding mass at key points, response is improved, particularly at the troublesome note D2 and throughout the altissimo range. Because the neck receivers of even the finest saxophones are often manufactured unevenly and wear with age, you will need to have your Saxgourmet neck fitted at your local repair shop. The tenon is 27.5mm and may need to be adjusted to obtain an exact fit for your horn.

The copper necks 100% solid copper clear coated with an ultra thin epoxy lacquer to prevent tarnishing. The dark, full sound these necks achieve is excellent along with the quality of response they produce. If you are looking for an affordable copper saxophone neck this is it!

The Alto necks feature an under slung octave mechanism and nodal weights for improved response. The tenon size is 24.5mm which is common to most alto saxophones. The Alto necks do not include the built in Saxgourmet neck enhancer. For the best results always have your neck fitted perfectly to your instrument by a qualified technician.

This Neck will work For:
Conn 10M

Saxgourmet Neck
Alto Necks
 Alto - Solid Copper
 Alto - Silver Plated Brass
 Alto - Lacquered Brass
Tenor Necks
 Tenor - Lacquered Brass
 Tenor - Silver Plated Brass
 Tenor - Solid Copper

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