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MusicMedic.com Clarinet Repair Kit
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The MusicMedic.com Clarinet Repair Kit is designed to allow a person with little or no repair experience to make minor Clarinet repairs. The kit contains the same tools and supplies used by professional repair technicians along with a step by step instruction manual and online support from MusicMedic.com. This kit is used by performers, students and aspiring technicians around the world.

New Box Gig Bag
Pads Tools & Supplies
Ultimax Priority Mail

Each Kit Contains:
Flexible Leak Light 12 Clarinet Pads Sheet Teflon
Quality Butane Torch Tenon Corks Felt squares
Spring Hook Key Cork Hinge Tube Cleaners
Razor knife Feeler Gauge Kit Contact Cement
Screwdrivers-Pad Prick Set Clarinet Springs Parts Container
Spring Pliers Adhesive Pellets Key Wedges
Pad Slick Ultimax Key Oil Sand Paper
Instruction Manual Pad Leather Sanding Boards
Online Support UltraSuede Cotton Swabs
Wooden Box Gig Bag

A Few Tasks you can Complete with this Kit:

Tenon Cork

Key Cork


Find Leaks




Adjust Keys

MusicMedic.com Clarinet Repair Kit
 110 volt - US Leaklight
 220 volt Leaklight

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